What The Dinosaurs Saw

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With amazing facts and awe-inspiring illustrations, What the Dinosaurs Saw is a vibrant depiction of the earliest days of our universe and life on Earth.

Our whole universe began as a tiny dot, filled with so much hot, dense energy that it burst. This event was the Big Bang, and from the remnants of that explosion, our whole universe was born. From those earliest beginnings 3.5 billion years ago to the mighty dinosaurs who roamed Earth 250 million years ago, this is the story of how life adapted, evolved, and survived exploding stars, flying meteoroids, and natural disasters.

Watch our world come to life amid bubbling volcanoes and electrical storms in this vibrantly illustrated account of life on Earth before humans.


By Fatti Burke.

244 x 310 x 13mm.  Pages: 64 pp.  ISBN: 9781547606894

What The Dinosaurs Saw - Sea Apple