Little Clothes

Sea Apple is a design-led modern clothing brand for children aged 0 - 6 years. We focus on original prints, quality fabrics and comfort. 

Drawing from our namesake, the Sea Apple tree, our collections are inspired by shared and often simple observations of life. Every collection tells a story. 

Sea Apple is stocked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali and Brunei at selected retailers. Thank you for stopping by! 

Our Name

The Sea Apple tree is one of the ten most common trees in Singapore. A simple yet sturdy tree, it thrives along the coast lines of Southeast Asia, and can often be seen growing on sandy and rocky shores in the wild. Sea Apple trees were planted close to where we grew up on the east of the island. There is still a Sea Apple tree just across the road from home.

Organic Cotton

We use GOTS certified organic cotton for our original prints. Find out more about the difference between organic and regular cotton here