Welcome to the little club

A member's club with special rewards and treats.

It's our way of saying thank you for being with us!

  • JOIN

    - Click the button below to join for free - and earn 50 points right away!

    - For in-store registrations, we just need an email and you are good to go.

  • Earn

    - Earn 1 point with every S$1 spent online or instore at The Sea Apple Shop.

    - Bonus 150 points on your birthday!

    - Extra 50 points each when you join our community on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Redeem

    - Redeem your points for Sea Apple Vouchers in $5, $10, $15 or $20 denominations. Use them for your next purchase online or in-store.

    -Your Little Club points never expire so choose your rewards when you are ready.



How do I check my points balance?

Click here to log into your account and see your points balance, as well as claim your rewards.

Is there an expiry on my points?

No, your Little Club points will never expire! So feel free to wait to accumulate points to redeem the rewards you like.

Why are my points not showing up?

It may take some time for your points balance to be updated. If you still experience any problems, please be in touch with us.


Can I earn points for purchases made in-store?

Yes! If you are shopping in-store at The Sea Apple Shop, kindly quote your email address to have your points registered.

How do I add my birthday?

Click here to log into into your account. Select the birthday icon to enter your birthdate! Do note that birthdates must be entered 30 days in advance for your points to be recorded.

I'm already following you on Instagram. Why are my points not showing up?

We will need to link up your membership in order to get the points added. To do so, click here to log into your account and then select the various social follow buttons to have your points recorded.


How do I redeem my points?

Click here to log into your account and see the various rewards vouchers you can redeem. The vouchers will be sent to you via email.

If you are instore, our staff will notify you directly of the rewards vouchers available to you.

Where can I use my rewards?

Rewards can be used online and instore at The Sea Apple Shop.
Rewards unfortunately cannot be used on purchases made at our retailers.


Can I join if I am making a purchase instore?

Yes you can! Simply provide an email address to our staff at the counter and we will create an account for you. When you are next in our store, you can continue to earn points by quoting your email address.

Can I join if I live overseas ?

Yes, you can! You just need to click here to join and create an account.