Letters to Me, When I Grow Up

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Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.Letters to Me, When I Grow Up will inspire children to write or draw stories, dreams for the future, and advice for their grown-up selves.

Each letter begins with a unique prompt like:

When I imagine myself all grown up...
A pep talk for my future self...
If I become a world leader...

Included are 12 letters that will inspire children to send a letter to their grown-up self!

Each letter has a space to write when it was sealed and when it should be opened (will it be tomorrow or in 20 years?). Seal letters with the included stickers before saving this time capsule for your future self!

For ages: 9-12. By Lea Redmond.


By Lea Redmond.
Pages: Notebook | 12pp.
ISBN: 9781452149486.


96 x 204 x 19mm

Letters to Me, When I Grow Up