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This Deluxe Number Rods to Go! set is the go-to set for number rods teaching! Number Rods are a great tool for children to play and learn number relationships, number comparision, part-part-whole, measurement and understand the concept of multiplication.

With 10 different rod lengths from 1cm to 10cm in 10 colors, addition, subtraction, number bonds, counting in tens, to hundreds Is made much easier! 

They can be used creatively too! Let your children hone their problem solving skills by creating designs, making shapes and building with these colourful number rods.

This Deluxe Set includes

  • 231 Number Rods in 10 colors & 10 different lengths 
  • 50 double-sided activity cards to teach about mathematical concepts in an engaging & tactile way. 
  • Dr Paul Swan Ideas and teaching guide book
  • a carry along case with a handle so you can bring it everywhere you go! 
Edx Number Rods to Go - Sea Apple Edx Number Rods to Go - Sea Apple