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Early Math 101 Number+Measurement Level 3


Brand New Launch in 2020 by Edx Education! Use this Kit to help your child enjoy math learning. It will develop their interest in Math through a fun, tactile & engaging way!

Number sense, geometry and logical thinking are essential for children learning mathematics.

This level 3 kit is designed for 5-6 year olds. Parents can spend quality time with children as they learn number sense, geometry and logical thinking. Each kit contains high quality manipulatives, activity cards & activities. All resources are packaged in a hand carry plastic case for easy transporting around.

Ideal to learn to count to 100 & beyond, addition and subtraction, place value concept of ones and tens, copying patterns, creating patterns, measuring, social skills by playing games and problem solving skills.

This multi-faceted Math 101 Level 3 Number & Measurement set includes:

  • 74 Number Rods & guidebook
  • 19 Place Value Trains
  • 1 set of school friendly play cards
  • Snakes & Ladders Game
  • Number Board with Block Window Strips
  • 40 Transparent counters
  • 5 Number Trains
  • 2 10 sided Jumbo Place Value Dice
  • Activity Guide