Early Math 101 Geometry+Prob Solving Level 3

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Brand New Launch in 2020 by Edx Education! Use this Kit to help your child enjoy math learning. It will develop their interest in Math through a fun, tactile & engaging way!

Number sense, geometry and logical thinking are essential for children learning mathematics. 

This level 3 kit is designed for 5-6 year olds. Parents can spend quality time with children as they learn number sense, geometry, and logical thinking. Each kit contains high-quality manipulatives, activity cards, and activities. All resources are packaged in a hand-carry plastic case for easy transporting around. 

Ideal for learning advanced sorting and classifying, properties of 2D shapes, symmetry and reflection, spatial problem solving skills, critical thinking skills through logic and reasoning and creative design. This multi-faceted Math 101 Level 3 Geometry & Problem Solving set includes:

  • 1 Geoboard & 20 elastic bands
  • 50 Junior Geostix
  • 1 set of attribute blocks (60 pieces) 
  • 1 attribute block Learning spinner 
  • 2 sorting circles to create venn diagram 
  • 25 double-sided activity cards 
  • Activity Guide 
Early Math 101 Geometry+Prob Solving Level 3 - Sea Apple
Early Math 101 Geometry+Prob Solving Level 3 - Sea Apple