Our island home was once a jungle
At a time not long ago.
There were trees instead of buildings,
Wildlife roamed, and rivers flowed.
Pineapples were aplenty
In plantations all around.
And there lived amongst the people
A striped creature that walked the ground.
Tiger tiger 
On this isle
Born and bred in tropical style
Our very own Mister Stripe
How did you look, what did you like?
Here before,
But gone today.
Still so much of you is here to stay
On this sunny little isle 
You've left your mark here for a while.
Inspired by our very own tropical tiger that used to roam this little island,
the first instalment of Sea Apple's Chinese New Year 2022 Collection is
full of fun pieces for the whole family. 
Printed on the softest GOTS-certified organic cotton,
you can spot cheeky Mr Tropical Tiger chilling under the coconut tree
in the morning and watching the clouds go by at his patio in the evening. 
We are also happy to launch Mum & Me matching nail wraps
in collaboration with our friends over at Nodspark!
The second instalment of Sea Apple's Chinese New Year 2022 Collection will be coming your way in mid December. 
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