Liewood Sandals

Liewood Sandals

Just arrived at Sea Apple: a wide selection of Liewood sandals in the yummiest of colours. Easy to wear, easy to clean, flexible, and waterproof - so much to love!


A new style this summer! Comes in three muted colours to easily go with any outfit. Sizes start at EU22 to EU30 - perfect for the littlest toddlers and preschoolers.


A favourite choice last summer for their most adorable prints, Blumer Sandals return this year with two new prints: Crab and Peach! Blumer Sandals come in sizes EU22 to EU30.


The sandals for your bigger little kids. Made with 100% EVA foam for all day comfort and velcro fastening for quick and easy wearing. Monty Sandals are available in five colours, sizes EU28 to EU35.



These sandals need no introduction. The Bre Sandals come in the widest range of size (EU22 - EU35) and colours (fourteen!!). They are free from harmful chemicals, flexible, waterproof, and easy to wear. Perfect for rain or shine. Plus, your little one will leave cute panda-shaped footprints, featured on the smaller sizes 19-30, on any soft surface!



Liewood Sandals are now available online and in-store.