cinnamon art stories

cinnamon art stories

It is always so lovely to come across brands that share our love for art and design.

cinnamon art stories is one of such brands. We had the pleasure of having

a chat with Laura Peh, founder and creative director of cinnamon art stories, 

about what inspired her to pursue this passion project, the books

they have published, and how we can help to nurture the love for art in children.


Hi Laura! We are excited to find out about cinnamon art stories.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m Laura Peh, founder of cinnamon art stories and a multidisciplinary creative
working across the fields of music, visual arts, literature, media and business.
I grew up in Singapore and left for Paris at the age of 15 to specialise in
harp performance, and later studied art history and art business in London.
Laura Peh Cinnamon Art Stories

What led you to start cinnamon art stories?

cinnamon art stories is a boutique publisher of children's books, celebrating art and creativity.
Upon graduating in 2017, I noticed the huge potential and rapid advancement of the younger
generations, and spent the next 3 years thinking about the best way to nurture
their development in an impactful and educational way. Having the opportunity
to share my travel and cultural experiences with children in an engaging manner has been a dream,
hence the publication of picture books! Our mission is to foster a love for reading
and writing; encourage imagination, creativity and critical thinking; and introduce the arts,
culture and global issues at an early age.

Wu Guanzhong
It is very inspiring that you followed your intuition and worked on your passion.
Tell us more about cinnamon art stories beautiful books!

The first collection Exploring Art, illustrated by Sienny Septibella, introduces 6 important
artists of the 20th century - David Hockney, Wu Guanzhong, Louise Bourgeois, Nam June Paik, Gustav Klimt
and Piet Mondrian. They all have distinctive styles and we wanted to include
lesser-known artists, Asian artists and a female artist.

To us, each book is a design object. Thoughtfully curated, responsibly sourced
and printed locally in small batches, we hope that children will cherish their happy memories
when they re-read our books and hand them down to their children and grandchildren.
Louise Bourgeois

Any tips for caregivers on cultivating the love for art in children?

Each child will grow up and experience life in a different way, and it’s important to find
the right environment that allows them the freedom to express themselves. Let them
explore what they enjoy and where they feel most comfortable, even as they get
older and preferences change! I grew up attending all kinds of enrichment classes,
but it was only when I was able to work at my own pace and didn’t feel parental or peer pressure,
that I was able to flourish and discover what I truly love doing. 

We started cinnamon creative sessions earlier this year - workshops for children
aged 3 to 11 designed to encourage creativity, stimulate curiosity and develop critical thinking.
These online and in-person workshops are inspired by our publications, and allow
children to bring their imagination to life through fun activities and shared conversations!
cinnamon art stories books are available at The Sea Apple Shop at United Square.