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One of the trickiest parts of parenting is teaching our kids how to be safe in an environment that can often turn out otherwise - and this Vlogger Pretend Play Kit is the perfect platform for parents to introduce social media awareness to our little ones, instill a positive influence over their online behavior, and help them learn how to make informed e-decisions that are Safer, Smarter, and Better.

Comes with the full vlogger set-up, which includes a detachable camera, a rubber ring light, a clip-on microphone with adaptor, and even an interchangeable selfie stick tripod. Use this opportunity to show and discuss how social media can indeed be used as a positive tool for communication, creativity, and discovering & developing new interests; and more importantly, use it as an aid to develop a space for openness and trust, which will prove beneficial in the long run. (After all, there will come a time where, try as we might, we will no longer have full control over what our kids see and do on the internet. And as such, it is always Better to teach and show them how under our guidance - rather than to shield them and inevitably drive them to navigate it on their own.)

• Self-directed, hands-on play
• Self-awareness and personal intelligence
• Social intelligence
• Language skills and vocabulary expansion
• Imagination and creative thinking
• Cognitive and emotional development