Tenderleaf Cosmic Rocket Set

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We’ve searched high and low for an amazing rocket playset that would allow our kids to do imaginary play with astronauts as they imagine life inside a rocket. 

No prizes for guessing why we love this and would recommend it to any child who loves all things space related! 

Set this up and you’re all ready for a day in space. This lovely set will help develop social skills and promote imaginative and creative thinking through role play. 

Built with sturdy and durable wood, painted with non-toxic paints, this rocket playset will help your child ZOOM right into space! 

This 2 layer rocket playset includes:

  • 3 astronauts 
  • 3 satellites 
  • 2 spaceships 
  • a launch pad
  • 2 other space accessories.

Dimemsions: 38cm x 28cm x 48cm

Tenderleaf Cosmic Rocket Set - Sea Apple