Tenderleaf Balancing Polar Circle

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Isn’t this a gorgeous set of the arctic scene?❤️

This Arctic Circle set requires a child to try out different ways to keep the circle board in balance. They can test out their balancing skills in an engaging way through logical thinking and trialing. With the different wood figurines, they decide which arctic animals to place in the different spaces available on the circle board with the goal to stabilise the entire circle flat! 

This set trains their logical thinking about weights and measures in the context of the arctic weather conditions. If there are too many heavy animals on 1 side, the ice will crack and the arctic circle will not be balanced.

For example, they learn how the weight of the big whale needs to be balanced out with the weight of the polar bear and a penguin for example! The ice berg for example, should be placed in the middle due to its higher centre of gravity due to its height. You get the idea! Try different combinations to see what works! 

This beautifully painted Arctic set consists of

  • a balancing arctic circle,
  • 2 penguins,
  • a whale,
  • a walrus,
  • a polar bear,
  • a seagull,
  • an iceberg and
  • a little friendly Inuit fishing girl to top it off! 
Tenderleaf Balancing Polar Circle - Sea Apple
Tenderleaf Balancing Polar Circle - Sea Apple