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Polar Bear Eric Carle Magnatiles


“Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear?” Your child will learn names of animals, the sounds that they make & their colors too! Allow them to also arrange the animals in the same order they are introduced in the book so they can understand sequencing too. An awesome mirrored tile completes the set as there are two sides of the tiles that can be used.

  • Build an Igloo with this cool set! 
  • Get ready to learn animal names, sounds and colors and enjoy the process of story re-telling with this favorite set of story tiles.
  • All of the pieces feature SuperColor® Technology on both sides.
  • Side one includes a four piece puzzle that forms the polar bear, animals and characters from the book while side two has the zoo keeper & other children with animal beads found in the later part of the book! Really fun to use.
  • This set contains 16 three-inch double sided square tiles and is compatible with all Magna-Tiles® Structures sets and original Magna-Tiles® sets.
  • Ages 3 years and up.

Pssssst....We’ll add-on a “Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear?” Eric Carle Board Book to this set when you make purchase during launch week (7-14 Sept)!

Let’s read, play and learn together!