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 Play the Food Battles game for a novel introduction to the major organs, their location and function within our bodies, focusing on the digestive system and how diet effects our health. Players must collaborate to win food battles and achieve a healthy human body!

Introduction to Biology
Introduce your child to the incredible biological processes of the human body. Learn fun facts about the vital organs and digestive system.

Fun family game
Our board games are perfect for home-learning families, class rooms and playmates. Introduce tricky subjects with engaging and memorable activities.

Learn about healthy eating
Maintaining a good diet is one of the most important factors in staying healthy. Encourage your child to take an active interest by playing the Food Battles game.

You are what you eat!
Much of our health depends on our diets: eat too much or too little of something and the imbalance will be reflected in the way we feel, the strength of our immune systems, our energy levels and more.

The Food Battles game introduces the digestive system in a fun and interactive way, highlighting the importance of healthy eating for children to grow up strong and resilient.


For ages: 5+. By OjO Games.


29 x 29 x 4.5 cm

OjO Food Battles