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Edx Funplay Tray Set with Earth Tones Rainbow Pebbles


These Earth Tone Rainbow Pebbles with Playtray set are perfect for those who love more understated and classy tones than the bright rainbow colored pebbles. 

Children will have much fun with these smooth and light pebbles that are meant for constructing with or creating designs with. The wonderful tactile experience of these smooth, rubbery pebbles will delight the senses

Encourage visual perception, fine motor skills, sorting, counting, stacking, and learning of mathematical concepts with. It is ideal for developing fine motor skills.

This Funplay Tray Set with Earth Tone pebbles consist of

  • 6 shapes, 6 earth colours
  • 36 pebbles in total 
  • Funplay Tray to contain all the pebbles 
  • 25 activity cards with creations that are easy to follow 

Together, your child can create anything they can imagine.;) We love the feel of these pebbles, & hope your child will too. Use them at the beach, in the bathroom, at the pool, in the sand, at the park, anywhere really! Makes a great gift!