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Dear Sea Apple Friends,

We hope all of you have been keeping well. We thought we would give an update on things from our end.

As a small business in retail, we are feeling the effects of the unfolding situation.  But precisely because we are small, we have been able to pivot quickly and adapt. Our team has been busy at work as usual, and have used this newfound quiet to focus on things we’ve had on our wish list. These include:

  • A website refresh with new product views and a sharper homepage. Check it out now on
  • Better packaging, gifting ideas and new tags coming your way
  • A deeper reflection and look at our brand values, and what we stand for #livegently #bejoyful

Our supply chain thankfully has also been largely unaffected. Thus we are continuing to juggle multiple projects, and what you can look forward to are:

  • A new Spring Capsule, soon to launch, with fabrics from our favorite mills in our signature and modern silhouettes
  • A brand new product line featuring your most loved archival Sea Apple prints 
  • New accessories and product additions to come, hooray!

We still expect the next few months to be slow. So whatever word you can spread about the brand, especially as we launch our new collections, would be wonderful. 

But really, why we are writing this is to say - this too shall pass. Stay safe, and continue to look for silver linings. Create your own adventures even amidst these ever changing days.

Lots of love from us,

The Sea Apple Team

p.s. the following links for things to do at home with kids have been making their rounds, and we thought to compile some of our favorites below for you