Edx Signature Rainbow Pebbles

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If you are rainbow lovers like us, you’ll love to use these Rainbow Pebbles that are vibrantly colored, sturdy, durable and easily washable. These pebbles are well made manipulatives that will encourage tactile play, develop fine motor skills and a great imagination!

There are so many ways to play with this Rainbow Pebbles activity set with your child! Just looking at these rainbow pebbles make us happy. 

  • Allow open-ended, creative, imaginative play (What can these pebbles become? Use the activity cards that come along with them to make the bodies of animals, the parts of trees, or building and other structures. 
  • Perform classification tasks: Sort them, arrange them by size or colour, separate them into small, medium, large, extra-large sets. 
  • Build structures with them, stack the pebbles as high as you can.
  • Use the activity cards to teach about science or about animals 
  • Bury them in some rainbow coloured rice and get your child to down for them according to their sizes or colors. 

This Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set includes

  • 48 pebbles in 4 sizes and 6 colors
  • 12 x 2-sided A4 activity cards
Edx Signature Rainbow Pebbles - Sea Apple